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At The Road Less Traveled Cuisine, we passionately believe that chefs have the power to transform a local economy simply by embracing the concept of buying local. Our team of chefs, farmers, fishermen, and foragers is dedicated to sourcing the finest local ingredients, fostering a profound connection to the great abundance of Costa Rican flavors. With each meal, cooking class, and event, we showcase our commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and creativity. Join us on a journey where every bite is an adventure, each meal we create tells a story, and every event becomes a spirited celebration of life. Embark on the road less traveled with us, and allow us to transform your moments into cherished memories.
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The Road Less Travelled Cuisine​

Unforgettable Culinary Experiences

At The Road Less Traveled Cuisine, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey like no other—one deeply rooted in our commitment to community. Our experiences are designed to take you beyond the ordinary, offering a taste of Costa Rica's vibrant flavors and rich culture. Whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or a curious traveler, our immersive culinary adventures promise to delight your senses, celebrate the local community, and create lasting memories.

About us

The RLT Story

The story of The RLT Cuisine begins with a young Costa Rican, driven by an insatiable passion for food, culture, and global cuisines.

As a natural adventurer and artist, his destiny led him far from his hometown. He embarked on a one-way journey to Europe, where he immersed himself in the world's finest kitchens, including several Michelin-starred establishments representing diverse culinary traditions. Fueled by an unwavering desire to carve a unique path, he nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit.

Four years, five continents, and countless tales of culinary discovery later, he returned to his roots, reigniting his profound connection to the wild and the flavors that called him home. This homecoming marked the birth of The RLT Cuisine, a testament to his dedication.

Today, we celebrate the vibrant essence of Costa Rica through our culinary offerings. Each dish is a fusion of global inspiration and local authenticity, inviting you to share in our adventurous journey, one unforgettable meal at a time.

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  • Private Chef Services: Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite dining with our private chef services. From intimate dinners to casual fine dining experiences, our chefs transform your space into a culinary haven, embracing the values of farm-to-table and locally sourced ingredients. Our personalized seasonal menus reflect the vibrant flavors of Costa Rica while fostering a sense of community. Discover the joy of dining in the comfort of your own space with impeccable service that elevates every meal.
  • Cooking Classes: Join us in the kitchen and unlock your inner chef. Our hands-on cooking classes are perfect for all skill levels. Learn the secrets of Costa Rican cuisine, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and master the art of creating exceptional dishes.
  • Events & Catering: Planning a corporate event, dream wedding, lively party, or brand activation? Let us elevate your occasion with our event planning and catering services. We specialize in turning your vision into a reality, infusing each event with unique flavors and unforgettable moments.

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